IGT Gas Safety Device

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The Gas safety device is that instrument which saves from any unforeseen accident which may arise due to leakage or any other kind of damage. Earlier there was no device which could detect the quantity and leakage in the gas cylinder. Eventually, many accidents took place taking a heavy toll on people’s life. This gas safety device will take care of the user’s safety needs.

Integrated Gas Technology safety device is a Denmark company. It meets all the standard of CE. The rubber of diaphragm which is used in the safety devices is made from the EN 549 rubber which is imported from Europe to provide complete safety to the users. The IGT gas safety device has an inbuilt auto-lock system which shuts down the supply of gas automatically.

As it is a regulator based equipment, there is no need of affixing regulator to the cylinder. Its auto-shut quality will stop the gas flow whenever it finds any leakage in the gas pipe. The meter gauge attached at the regulator tells about the quantity and leakage (if any) of the gas in the container.
All IGT gas safety products are available with 5 years warranty period. During these 5 years, IGT will replace the entire damaged regulator that too free of cost.


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