Maxx Power Saver

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Power saver saves electricity depending on electric appliances which are new or old and how much time it uses and we are giving official data for your ready reference and self-evaluation sliceter saves electricity without any tampering the billing system & it does not disturb your existing wiring system . Therefore it is definately legal.

Sliceter power saver serves to stabilize the voltage to reduce the phase difference between current & voltage . To improve power fector. to decrease current and thus , to reduce power wastage and saver power , Just plug the sliceter power saver into socket nearest to the main circuit breaker and switch on the sliceter power saver .

It neither bears electrical load nor uses electricty to work . Therefore no heating effects incurred when sliceter power saver works. the sliceter is enclosed in hegh quality fireproof materials.

Sliceter power saver is effective for all other type but most effective for induction appliances like AC, Refrigerator, Washing machine , fan, t.v, tube light, mixcer grinder and all type of single phase motors etc.


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