Portable Mini Car Refrigerator-7.5 Litre

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Portable Car Refrigerator is perfect for anyone who feels hungry or thirsty while driving by keeping snacks and drinks accessible at all times. Enjoy healthy snacks such as a cold crisp apple, yoghurt with granola, or dark chocolate that won’t melt when you’re ready to eat it. Use this to avoid detouring from your intended driving route, avoid waiting in line just to quench your thirst or purchase a warm meal, and continue driving to your destination.

Best Choice: This 6L 12V cooler/warmer is ideal for road trips or for anyone who spends time in a vehicle. It offers both convenience and comfort within an arm’s reach.

Cooler & Warmer Function: Superior foam insulation and energy efficiency allow the contents of your unit to reach a maximum cooling capacity of 27-31º F below room temperature.


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